What do i want to do with my life now ?

Over the last year many people have been stuck inside. Maybe some have lost their jobs, been furloughed or working from home. Many have lost some of their income as well as their sense of achievement, Many people have been at home with their partners and realised their relationship is no longer working. Domestic abuse has increased. Many have struggled as they have not been able to participate in their usual hobbies and interests. Many have been lonely being separated from their families. Many have felt isolated, scared and have lost their sense of purpose. Many have become anxious, and many depressed. Mental health figures have increased and there has been more suicides.

The pandemic has caused many problems for many people although there will be some that have enjoyed being at home more, spending time with their partners and children and not having to rush around. Everyone is different and it depends on your personality and other factors. But there appears to be many people experiencing a sense of despondency, lack of motivation, and low mood.

A major theme here is loss. Loss of the life we previously had as well as the loss of relationships, careers, sense of purpose, social life, and self esteem. What this period has done though is given people the opportunity and time to reflect on their lives. Many have discovered more about themselves. Maybe some have decided that their relationship needs to change or end, that their career is no longer satisfying for them, that they need to improve their diet, health, fitness, that they need new friends, a new hobby. Some may just have a sense of needing to be happier in life but don't really know how to achieve that.

Finding therapy has been difficult during the pandemic. Many counsellors were only working by phone or online and some people found this ineffective or impersonal. Many counselling organisations shut down completely for a period of time. This has been difficult for those who have really needed some help. But as things open up again and therapists are working face to face it is becoming easier to get the help that is needed.

As we move forward and are once again allowed more freedom, what is it that you want from your life ? Do you want to get rid of your anxious feelings? Deal with your negative thoughts and low mood ? Do you want to stop destructive behaviours ? Is it time for change ? Do you need to take a new path or direction ? Do you want to look at life from a new perspective ? What lies ahead for you ?

Everyone should be able to live a fulfilling life and feel happy. What is it that is preventing you from this ? Maybe now is the time to make those changes.