Healing and Non-ordinary States of Consciousness

Much healing can occur when we are in an altered (or non-ordinary) state of consciousness.

Psychedelic drugs are proving to have a huge impact on mental health conditions such as depression and addictions, but these are currently not legal in the UK, and also need to be given in an appropriate setting supported by a trained therapist.

However, we can create these same states by various other means and the impact can be the same. Meditation techniques for example, practiced over a period of time can have many of the desired effects, such as a different perspective on life and the realisation of the cause of emotional or physical distress or disease, For many this new perspective and realisation means that they can achieve healing from past experiences and move forward in a new positive way.

Certain breathing techniques such as Holotropic breathing can assist someone in going into this altered state, as can the use of sound such as chanting, humming, and singing. Listening to drumming, taking part in a gong bath or sound bath with Tibetan bowls, and also listening to animal sounds such as the howling of wolves, or the sounds of Whales is effective. Meditation music with nature sounds connects us with the earth but actually being in nature also assists with the process.

Combining sound with dance and movement are powerful ways to alter a non-ordinary state. Shamanic trance dance has been used by indigenous tribes as a way to enter a different reality for many, many years.

People that have entered into this non-ordinary state have experienced much beauty, often experience things that are hard to explain, sometimes see spiritual beings, and are able to see the reality of human existence. They record being able to see the patterns that have shaped their lives, realise how they are being inauthentic, why they use certain coping mechanisms, and are able to find the source of their emotional disturbances, that may also have affected them on a physical level. Many report that they have received information that is not available to them in an ordinary state of consciousness. There is also a feeling of a much deeper connection to others and to all life forms.

It is as though in these altered states we can transcend the boundaries of our human existence, gain a new understanding, and see life in a totally new way. Most of these techniques are not difficult but may take a little practice. Until Psychedelics are legalised to help with many mental and physical health issues ( which i really hope they will be), our best shot is to dedicate ourselves to trying out these techniques, and begin our journey into wholeness.