I have been working with clients for 20 years helping them to achieve optimal wellbeing of mind, body and spirit. I can help you in many different ways for any emotional, physical or spiritual concerns you may be experiencing. 

My Story

I started my journey many years ago when i attended a yoga class. I came out with tingling hands and a need to explore energy more. This led me into energy work, meditation, spiritual development, and past life regression. I became a reiki master, and also studied dream analysis, before going on to qualify as a life coach and psychotherapist. I have studied many other disciplines since then. I have a love of nature and appreciate the many benefits it brings to mind, body and soul. I bring many of the tools and techniques i have studied into my work with clients, as I have realized over the years that no one thing is the answer and often traditional counselling or psychotherapy is not enough.

I am qualified in :


Energy healing

Conscious Breathwork 


Past Life Regression

Dream Interpretation

Life coaching

Spiritual development

I am passionate about helping people overcome their problems and become the best possible version of themselves, living a life of joy and possibilities.